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[Otherclauses related to container land transportation rate]

[Other clauses related to container land transportation rate]

(The Rules of Calculating Rates)

1) This rate does not include VAT
2) This rate does not reflect the insurance cost for transportation cargoes
3) This rate includes the charge for road toll.
4) In these clauses, all rates and toll are rounded to the nearest integer if it is less than ₩1000 (But, VAT is an exception)

(Applied methods for the rates)

5) For the rates of 20FT containers, the 90% of 40FT container rates are applied. For the rates for 45FT containers, 112.5% of
    40FT container rates are applied.
6) For the rates of 20FT containers, in case loading 2 light containers whose weight is less than 10 tons in the same place, 108%
    of 40FT container rates will be applied. (But, frozen containers are exception.)
7) The fee related to “limited vehicle permission for running” due to the overheight or overlength by the road transportation-
    related laws are applied additionally.
8) The rates that are not designated in the rates for specific regions, the average rates of recent distance upper regions and
    lower regions are applied.

(The Exceptions to applying right rates and limitations in transporting)

9) The things that are limited by road transportation such as length cargoes, loaded containers, and tank containers require     additional rates. And, this additional rates are decided upon interactive discussion. For heavy goods that exceed the axle load or     total weight limitation specified by the road transportation limit laws, it cannot be transported.

(The Extra Charge for Frozen Container)

10) For the frozen container rates, extra charge of 30% of the rate will be applied as an extra for the related regions.

(Rough Road Extra Charge)

11) Extra rate charge of 30% of the rate will be applied to the related regions if the road is designated as a rough road to

(Dangerous Goods Extra Charge)

12) If the container includes a dangerous goods in transporting, it requires an additional extra charge for the related regions in       the following percentages. (Dangerous goods, thyrotoxicant 50%, explosives : 200% Radioactive Materials : 300%)

(Holiday and middle of the night extra charge)

13) By the request of the shipper, extra charge of 20% will be applied for the regions related.

(Tractor and Chassis Usage Charges)

14) For the fee for the tractor waiting time, after reaching DOOR, in case of 40FT, it is free until 3 hours are past. For 20FT, it is
      free until 20 hours are past. If it passes these hours, additional charges are applied in such ways. (Every hour ₩26000 is
      charged for 40FT or 20FT container.)
15) For chassis rent fee, for everyday cost per unit for 40FT, ₩33,000 will be charged and for 20FT, ₩14000.

(Bobtail Rates)

16) BOBTAIL rates are applied 43% for 40FT and 45% for 20FT.

(Shuttle Container Rate)

17) For the shuttle from wharfs in the same port to FC, ₩47000 is charged for 40FT and ₩37000 for 20FT.

(Transshipment container rates)

18) In the same port, T/S Container rates requires charge of ₩74000 for 40FT and ₩68000 for 20FT.

(Dispatching Cancellation Fee)

19) Dispatching cancellation fee requires 75% of rates for the related regions.


20) For the rates that are not decided and designated in this written rules and codes, it will be decided such that both parties
      discuss and agree with the rates. And, these decided and agreed rates must not violate the laws and rules in the related
      region. This way of deciding rates will be the rules of finalizing rates.
21) If the region underwent the reorganization of the administrative district, the rates for the related regions will be calculated as
      an average rate of current and the past rates.

(The Date that Container Rate starts to be applied)

22) Rates get applied from February 21st year 1998.

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