Container Size (Inner, outer size, weight) The Classification of the Container (Usage)
Dry Container (20', 40', 40HC, 45')
Flat Rack Container (20', 40')
Open Top Container (20', 40')
Reefer Container (20', 40', 40', HC)
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Bulk Container
Dry Container
Fan Container
Flat Rack Container
Hard Top Container
Open Top Container
Platform Contaniner
Reefer Container
Tank Container
Vent Container

CBM is the abbreviation of Cubic Meter, and is a unit that converts length, width, and height as in 1 m.
The container loading capacity can be calculated with weight and volume, and the weight can be calculated using ton or kg while volume CBM. The container’s maximum loading capacity is determined with the inner size, but the container’s inner and outer size is specified in a certain size in order to officially specify the standard size for transportation unit. (There can be very small difference in size depending on manufacturers.)

The below is written with regards to the standard of minimum inner size of the container, and there will be no problem for any shipping liners to use the below measurement. :Inner Size Length / Width / Height / CBM (CBM can be calculated by multiplying the above number)

The above CBM is not a measurement that can be made with a real cargo unless it is water.
The reason is because when loading cargo, there is dead space (empty space), so this really depends on the outer size of the cargo. For example, if the height of a certain cargo is over 1.2M, double layering loading is not possible. So, there cannot be much cargo. (of course, it would be a different story if the width of the cargo is small or it can be loaded sideways)
Generally speaking, the smaller the CBM per unit, the larger the amount of cargo that can be loaded. In case of the cargo that is 30 CBM, a larger amount of cargo can be loaded if it is a cargo of which size per unit is the size of a Ra-myun box than a desk. However, the story would be different if the inner size of the cargo has a packaging even if it is a cargo that is the size of a desk or larger.
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