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No Item Amount Origin - Destination Closing Date Status
HO3558 PP SCRAP 11x40 HQ Pusan - Hochiminh City JUN -17-2019 Close
HO3557 PP SCRAP 11x40 HQ Pusan - Hochiminh City JUN -17-2019 Close
HO3556 PP SCRAP 11x40 HQ Pusan - Hochiminh City JUN -17-2019 Close
HO3555 basalt stone 15x20 DRY Hochiminh City - Pusan OCT -19-2017 Close
HO3554 CONDOM ACC. 1x20 DRY Pusan - Haiphong MAY -10-2016 Close
HO3553 CONDOM 1x40 DRY Pusan - Moscow MAY -09-2016 Close
HO3552 BATTERY SCRAP 12x20 DRY Dubai - Pusan MAY -10-2016 Close
HO3551 Construction MC 5x40 DRY Hochiminh City - Dubai MAY -18-2016 Close
HO3550 PU Adhesive GLU 3x40 DRY Hochiminh City - Chittagong MAY -17-2016 Close
HO3549 JUICE 1x20 DRY Pusan - Dubai MAY -11-2016 Close
HO3548 plywood 10x40 HQ Haiphong - Inchon MAY -12-2016 Close
HO3547 gumrosin 8x20 DRY Hochiminh City - Pusan MAY -10-2016 Close
HO3546 SEASAME 2x20 DRY Hochiminh City - Inchon MAY -03-2016 Close
HO3545 fisheries 2x20 REEFER Hochiminh City - Inchon MAY -03-2016 Close
HO3544 fish feed 8x40 HQ Hochiminh City - Kwangyang MAY -04-2016 Close
HO3543 Coconut 4x40 HQ Hochiminh City - Inchon APR -26-2016 Close
HO3542 cosmetics 1x20 DRY Qingdao - Manzanillo MAY -09-2016 Close
HO3541 machinery 2x40 OT Shanghai - Pusan APR -22-2016 Close
HO3540 juice 1x20 DRY Pusan - Chongqing APR -28-2016 Close
HO3539 Fertilizer 15x20 DRY Pusan - Danang MAY -06-2016 Close
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