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No Item Amount Origin - Destination Closing Date Status
HA540 Medical Mask 6CARTON 120KGS Ho Chi Minh SGN- Los Angeles,CA LAX APR -28-2020 Close
HA539 Carbomer 10CARTON 200KGS Ho Chi Minh SGN- Porto Alegre POA APR -27-2020 Close
HA538 MASK 10PALLET 2000KGS Seoul SEL- New York,NY-Kennedy JFK APR -23-2020 Close
HA537 MASK 6BOX 60KGS Ho Chi Minh SGN- Los Angeles,CA LAX APR -20-2020 Close
HA536 Mobile X-Ray 5CASE 250KGS Seoul SEL- Ho Chi Minh SGN APR -19-2020 Close
HA535 Corona Test Kit 350BAG 350KGS Seoul SEL- Colombo CMB APR -12-2020 Close
HA534 Mask 200BAG 280KGS Ho Chi Minh SGN- New York,NY-Kennedy JFK APR -10-2020 Close
HA533 cosmetics 5BAG 152KGS Seoul SEL- HAN Hanoi APR -10-2020 Close
HA532 coffee 1CARTON 3KGS Ho Chi Minh SGN- Seoul SEL APR -08-2020 Close
HA531 cosmetics 5CARTON 54KGS Seoul SEL- Ho Chi Minh SGN MAR -11-2020 Close
HA530 TESTER BOX 1BAG 30KGS Kuwait KWI- Seoul SEL MAY -04-2016 Close
HA529 BREAST PUMP 6CASE 98KGS Seoul SEL- Auckland AKL MAY -09-2016 Close
HA528 tester 1BAG 26KGS Kuwait KWI- Seoul SEL APR -23-2016 Close
HA527 tester 1BAG 25KGS Kuwait KWI- Seoul SEL FEB -19-2016 Close
HA526 INK 5CARTON 250KGS Seoul SEL- Dubai DXB JUL -17-2015 Close
HA525 mobile acc. 2BAG 15KGS Seoul SEL- HAN Hanoi JAN -22-2015 Close
HA524 dried fruit 18CARTON 1020KGS Yerevan EVN- Seoul SEL APR -08-2014 Close
HA523 tea 1PALLET 240KGS Frankfurt FRA- Seoul SEL DEC -19-2013 Close
HA522 cosmetics 2CASE 70KGS Seoul SEL- Hong Kong HKG DEC -10-2013 Close
HA521 drilling 8BOX 3350KGS Seoul SEL- Vladivostok VVO DEC -13-2013 Close
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