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No Item Amount Origin - Destination Closing Date Status
HA350 stainless pipe 2PALLET 4200KGS Shanghai SHA- Seoul SEL NOV -29-2006 Close
HA349 inqubater 3CASE 180KGS Shanghai SHA- Seoul SEL NOV -15-2006 Close
HA348 계측기 2CARTON 35KGS Taipei TPE- Seoul SEL NOV -09-2006 Close
HA347 autoparts 1CARTON 54KGS Seoul SEL- Yerevan EVN NOV -14-2006 Close
HA346 식향 3DRUM 286KGS Frankfurt FRA- Seoul SEL NOV -16-2006 Close
HA345 leather 5BALE 370KGS Dhaka DAC- Seoul SEL NOV -07-2006 Close
HA344 labster 2PALLET 500KGS London LON- Seoul SEL AUG -06-2006 Close
HA343 auto parts 1CASE 25KGS Seoul SEL- Yerevan EVN JUL -28-2006 Close
HA342 auto parts 2PACKAGE 30KGS Seoul SEL- Yerevan EVN JUL -15-2006 Close
HA341 polyetilen 4PALLET 2100KGS Seoul SEL- HAN Hanoi MAY -09-2006 Close
HA340 wirw rope 1CASE 120KGS Seoul SEL- Copenhagen CPH APR -15-2006 Close
HA339 MACHINE 3PALLET 1500KGS Delhi DEL- Seoul SEL APR -04-2006 Close
HA338 tube 1BAG 55KGS Seoul SEL- Venice VCE MAR -24-2006 Close
HA337 garment acc 5CARTON 150KGS Seoul SEL- HAN Hanoi MAR -24-2006 Close
HA336 condom 3PALLET 1500KGS Seoul SEL- HAN Hanoi MAR -07-2006 Close
HA335 hos 2PALLET 1200KGS Seoul SEL- Chicago,IL CHI MAR -03-2006 Close
HA334 garment acc 3CARTON 80KGS Pusan PUS- Los Angeles,CA LAX FEB -27-2006 Close
HA333 packing machine 5CASE 500KGS Seoul SEL- Frankfurt FRA FEB -28-2006 Close
HA332 water spray 25CARTON 380KGS Madrid MAD- Seoul SEL FEB -20-2006 Close
HA331 plastic goods 12CARTON 320KGS Shanghai SHA- Seoul SEL FEB -17-2006 Close
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